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Do you have a complex challenge that requires out of the box thinking?


We are skilled and experienced in developing strategy, plans and action for large and small organizations. We specialize in creative approaches that engage participants as well as harness the knowledge in the room. Using a range of innovative technologies ensures all voices are heard and sense making and clarity are supported. With over 20 years of experience working on complex topics with many unknowns, your team, or multistakeholder group, collaboratively, we find alignment, a path forward or a suite of options to get you ahead. These processes can be messy and our role is to help you hold the space along this path.

Whether your challenge is large or small, online or in-person, you have one day or months to prepare, we are equipped and experienced to design a unique process to meets your needs.

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Effective meetings

Do you dread meetings? Do you feel your time is not valued? You are not alone. Working together, we help ensure your next meeting is relevant, engaging and ultimately achieves your desired outcome. As your meeting designer/ facilitator or coach, we work with you to create the space for your group to do their best work. We design for increased participation, engagement and knowledge sharing. Whether you are planning a one-hour meeting or a five-day event, you have a small or large group, in person or online, let’s collaborate to design and facilitate your next meeting, conference, or workshop for success.

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Understanding the community you are working with is important to ensuring relevant and appropriate design. Engagement is key to building support, sharing ideas and influencing change. People often have different ways of seeing problems as well as solutions. This is important as complex challenges require diverse perspectives and a range of partners to address them.

We work with you to ensure the voices of the community are heard and included leading to more sustainable outcomes. When people are empowered to use their voice, and feel that they were heard, they are more likely to accept the result, even when issues are contentious.

Whether you are embarking on a short-term process or a multi-year plan, we are skilled in designing and delivering engagement strategies to bring about positive change in rural and urban environments. We have extensive experience building capacity and mentoring on this topic as well.

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Assessment & Learning

What are we doing well? What do we need to change? What are we learning that can inform how we do things better in the future? Asking important questions and assessing progress is important for accountability as well as ensuring a culture of innovation and leadership.

We work with you to increase your positive impact. This includes designing a monitoring and reflection process for relevance, innovation and continuous improvement. Depending on the situation, it may call for a traditional evaluative approach using critical thinking to pose important questions, use data in meaningful ways, and track logic from theory to outcomes. This may also be more fluid to deal with complex challenges that have more flexible goal posts.  In these cases, solutions are emergent, require reflection and adaptation along the way. At times we are monitoring in changing and unpredictable environments. Multiyear projects and programs may have changing participants, leaders and directions. In these cases, there is a need to learn as we are ‘doing’.

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Develop skills and build capacity

Engaging Beyond Words: using visuals for understanding & learning

November 30, 2023, 11-5 EST

Graphic Facilitation Workshop

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Design your own

Work with Michelle to customize a workshop specifically tailored to your group.

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