Who still loves the simplicity of paper and pens?

The other day, someone was surprised when I said I needed to grab a pen to write an idea down. They assumed that given much of my work is remote and the tools I use are online, that I was paperless! 
This is an iPad drawing explaining the first day of my annual graphic facilitation workshop.

It’s true that since the pandemic I’ve shifted to facilitating online and using some amazing online collaboration tools such as ThoughtExchange, Mural and Zoom. However, for planning purposes I am still a pen and paper person. 

I use big walls, post its and markers to outline major events, projects and workshop sessions. I have colour schemes, shapes and use icons to help me stay focused. I use small, med and giant notebooks! I continue to buy an endless supply of very fun pens that write in several colours, thickness and script. 

While the software and online environment have been a blessing, moving post-its on the paper, writing out key points or reminders and taking notes (in a notebook) are habits that help me work better. My office (for the moment) has space to hang paper, draw on the wall and post stickies. I could envision that one day, if that space was not available, I would need to shift to be more digital. I also often wonder if the time will come again when we all go back to meeting rooms. In that case, I am ready to bust out my kit to help people ‘see the bigger picture’ and find meaning. In the meantime, I am going to continue my deep dive into online tools to keep the magic happening in the virtual space. I am also curious how this will look in the future hybrid meeting environment. 

Do you still work on paper? Are we an old-fashioned tribe destined to shift online? What are your tricks for moving completely online? 

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