Yes, draw on walls!

"Your workshop was really instrumental for me in my work. I use graphics in my research and am often invited to do recordings for strategic planning or dialogue-based events."

The other day, I received an email from a former graphic facilitation workshop participant. This has made my week!

She sent me samples of her work (I can’t share due to privacy 🙁 ) however know they are AMAZING! Receiving her email has been a highlight as planning each year takes time, energy and passion!

Here is a taster video we made from 2018 to give you an idea of the fun we have:

When I was researching for the 2019 rosviz graphic facilitation workshop, I did reach out to former participants for advice. In addition to inspiring feedback I also got a great push to keep spreading the gospel of ‘drawing on walls’!

Check out this testimonial:

“I was looking for some hands on learning in graphic facilitation and was lucky to find Michelle Laurie’s annual ROSVIz workshop in Rossland BC.

She skillfully and generously shared her knowledge and experience in a fun and practical way.  I was looking to increase my skills in harvesting and sense making in real time in my workshops and dialogue sessions.  Laurie’s workshop helped me up my game (as a facilitator and process designer) and my practice in graphic facilitation has taken off like a rocket.  I apply graphic facilitation to almost everything when I have the opportunity…and wow what a difference it makes for my clients who are bogged down or overwhelmed by complexity.  The feedback I get from my clients say it all.  Thanks Laurie for helping me take my work to a new level.”

It is so gratifying to hear that some of the skills shared at my ‘rosviz’ workshop are finding their way into meaningful places!

Consider joining us for July 11-12, 2019! All information is here!   

You will also find more testimonials of all the fun and SKILLS to be had at rosviz19!

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